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Learn English Through Movies

If you are looking for a most fun way you can learn English then the answer is to watch the English movies as much as you can. Yes, you heard it right, perhaps you are still wondering but it is possible having lots of fun watching movies and learning English. While watching movies you will learn real English not textbook English. The English in a textbook is not what you will use while communicating in a day to day life. For example, in English Speaking classes they will teach you to say “It’s quarter to 9”. It is a correct way to say but we will not use these in real life. But English spoken in movies is more natural and used in day to day life. Watching movies will improve your listening skills, speaking skills, and vocabulary and grammar.

Speak like a native after learning English by watching movies. The main goal of learning English through movies is to learn deeply, so you never forget what you have learned. Join Spoken English Classes in Chennai.

The advantage of learning English By watching movies is you will hear spoken grammar, common idioms, everyday vocab, natural pronunciation, slangs, all these by just watching emotional and interesting movies, in a most enjoyable way.

English words in context

The best aspect of watching movies is you will learn words in specific context Let’s say you watched 5-6 crime films, after that you will understand vocabulary related to the crime or subject. In traditional learning method, we learn vocab in lists format in this method you will learn word meaning but not where to use it.In this method, you will kill two birds in one stone which is not possible with a textbook

 Tips for Learning English through Film and Movies

  Watch interesting movies

It’s an obvious thing but if you are watching a boring movie you cannot retain the interest and you won’t be able to pay attention.

Choose a movie that matches your current English level:

For beginner level I would suggest going with animations, in animated films level of English is not very high and it is simple.There are many institutes which offer Spoken English Course in Chennai If you are trying to watch movies like Romeo and Juliet, Shakespearian English is very difficult to understand which is very old of its kind, so try to watch simple and light movies which could retain interest and enjoyment. In beginning watch films with English subtitles, it will make you understand pronunciation. There are many institutes which offer Spoken English Classes in Chennai. 


The biggest benefit of learning English through movies is flexibility and variety. A complete film can be used for practice. Movies can be used as a springboard for follow up a task like group discussions, debate. You can learn anytime anywhere so go ahead with this great benefit of learning English by watching movies.

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